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We Offer Services For Companies, Groups And Individuals

We are a Group of business people collaborating (there’s that word again!) on projects to improve how commerce is carried out in the UK & beyond.

Our shared knowledge and experience is being made available so we make The Business ‘OF’ Business much easier and productive for thousands, potentially millions, of entrepreneurial types everywhere.
Free E-Book

Business Connectors E-Book

This book is dedicated to you. You who have chosen to enter the world of business or are desperate to become self-employed in your own right. You are a Free Business Spirit. 
Firstly, to the millions who want to cross the great divide and become company owners, but haven’t quite taken the plunge, my hope is that this book will inspire you to take the leap of faith.
Next, to those of you who are in the early days of opening a business, often working many hours per week, for little financial return. This book can help you to work smarter, and find more success, faster. 
Finally, and especially, to the established legions of people (5.5 million and rising in the UK alone) who have been running companies for a good few years now (who make the lion’s share of both new and existing jobs by the way). This book can help you go forward towards a new and better future.
I salute all of you.
Mark Layder,

Business Connectors are the single most required role in The Economy today!

In a Google driven world, where information is now available to just about everyone, then TODAY, more than ever – the power of Connections is the key resource to any one looking to optimise results in their life and business. 
In the business arena, Networking meetings are everywhere, and the clear message is that companies MUST network. Yet on closer inspection we find most people don’t like networking-or attending the meetings at least (Ref. Wrexham Economic Advisor …who told us that by their estimates “Less than 1% of business people had ever attended so much as just one networking type event”)
So, we seem to accept the need to network. And the vast majority of us accept the ‘Who You Know’ mantra but reality shows that ‘WE’ simply aren’t maximizing the power of our contacts and collaboration . 
This ‘Say One Thing-Do Another’ contradiction has led to a huge gap in the structure of most enterprises. A gap that can be filled with the new profession(al) called a Business Connector.
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If It's time for your business to truly connect with the Collaborative Revolution , or you are someone looking for a new -massively in demand- profession, get in touch today to see how Business Connectors can help you.

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