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Join the New Profession that Is Revolutionising Businesses Worldwide

What if you could make a substantial income – just by understanding that “It’s not what you know – but who?”

Imagine a service that practically every business (in the world) will want! Consider what an opportunity that is, for people who enjoy building relationships with BizOwners

If you’ve been searching for a proven way to build your own income – with practically no risk whatsoever, then this new profession could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

The fact is, there are simple and very old approaches to business that are proven to be highly profitable ways to make a significant living.

Many of the principles now driving the new BC’s profession were deployed in the Financial Services Industry, in the 1980’s and 90’s….making thousands of millionaires in the processes. And these people possessed no ‘special’ skills. They simply liked helping people and really believed in what they were doing.


As long as they enjoy talking to people about new opportunities,
whether that’s face to face or on-line


The path to becoming a BC is not hard!

In fact, it’s easy – as long as you like introducing people to new opportunities, that often, they never knew existed. Your love of sharing opportunities will probably lead you to ‘anywhere’ that business people hang out. Simply click below to apply to become a BizConnector.


Business Connector$ Book

This book is dedicated to you. You who have chosen to enter the world of business or are desperate to become self-employed in your own right. You are a Free Business Spirit. 
Firstly, to the millions who want to cross the great divide and become company owners, but haven’t quite taken the plunge, my hope is that this book will inspire you to take the leap of faith.
Next, to those of you who are in the early days of opening a business, often working many hours per week, for little financial return. This book can help you to work smarter, and find more success, faster. 
Finally, and especially, to the established legions of people (5.5 million and rising in the UK alone) who have been running companies for a good few years now (who make the lion’s share of both new and existing jobs by the way). This book can help you go forward towards a new and better future.
I salute all of you.
Mark Layder,


What The Experts Say

I support your activities and I read your materials from cover to cover.

Sir Tom Farmer

Chairman, Kwik-fit Holdings

I know there is a big market and need for your work.

Al Ries

International Best-Selling Author of 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing and many others

Mark is a born teacher who has the gift of coaching you on how you can succeed in the Game of Life. I urge you to spend time with Mark.

Alexander Everett

One of the True Fathers of The Human Potential Movement, Author, Speaker and Creator of Mind Dynamics

Working with Mark & his team is a bit like 'Complimentary Medicine'. You don't have to believe in it - it just WORKS.

John Fry

.............Then Chairman of Yeovil Town FC speaking about the history making promotion after 108 years

Mark … I’ve worked with Ziglar, Tracy, Robbins, Rohn … read their books, done their seminars. YOUR WORK IS DIFFERENT … truly unique. I’ve never got so much value out of any other 3 days in my life. Thanks!

Life Plus University Delegate


C21st Thrival Professions - set to help Millions of new & existing BizOwners to create their IDEAL business!

We are a Group of business people collaborating (there’s that word again!) on projects to improve how commerce is carried out in the UK & beyond.

Our shared knowledge and experience is being made available so we make The Business ‘OF’ Business much easier and productive for thousands, potentially millions, of entrepreneurial types everywhere.


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